Start with Prayer: Set up your prayer area to acknowledge God’s presence. and also pray openly by thanking God for bringing you together. Be sure to ask your students to offer their intentions too

Explore the Sunday Gospel: Begin by using the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Series:

Grade 1 : Promise

Grade 2 and 3 : Good News

Grade 4, 5, and 6: Venture

Whole Family Catechesis begins with a large group Prayer. r 1 & 2 Whole Family pray in the classroom to begin the lesson.  The Pflaum Gospel weekly series are given to all children in Whole Family Gr 1 & 2. 

Confirmation Grade 7 & 8 begins with a large group prayer and introduction.

Open: Introduce the theme in your own words.

Create your environment: Arrange chairs appropriately for the work that you will be doing. Be sure to put them back as you found them at the end of class. Your environment should be prayerful and focused on Jesus.

Activity: Every lesson should include an activity that will reinforce the concepts reviewed. Have students act out a scripture story instead of reading it out loud. Make an item to bring home that they can place on their kitchen table that can prompt prayer or a discussion at home, use review sheets, puzzles or art work ...

Build: Be sure to present the material being taught in 3 different ways - For the visual: use pictures, videos, written information... For Audio: read aloud, sing, listen to tapes... And For Tactile learner write, draw, color... Share your own faith story. Allow time for sharing and critical thinking.

Close: Always close with prayer. Also, we encourage assigning 5 - 10 minutes of at-home work. You may assign the reading of the next week’s chapter. Be sure to collect the work or review it during the next class. Keep an assignment list in your folder.

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