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ParishPay is a convenient no hassle way of donating your tithe to the church. Automatic payments can be made from your credit card every month. This ensures that the church will have consistent funds to better serve our parish.

By “Making it Easier to Give,” ParishPay combines its cutting-edge technology and donor services functions with a deep understanding of religious giving.

To begin click on the logo below to visit our parish pay web portal:

For more information read the FAQ Below...

Q. What is ParishPay?

A. ParishPay is a pre-authorized direct deposit from a parishioner's checking, savings, brokerage or credit card account into Saint Bartholomew's account.

Q. What payment methods does ParishPay accept?

A. ParishPay accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. ParishPay also processes debits from checking, savings and other accounts such as money market or brokerage accounts.

Q. How and when does my parish receive my donation?

A. Donations are charged to your account on the 5"' of each month and transferred to Saint Bartholomew's account. Funds are transferred to the parish as soon as they are available (usually-within three business days of the debit to your account).

Q. Can donations be processed weekly?

A. No. By processing monthly the transaction costs to the parish are kept to a minimum.

Q. Is my information such as bank account or credit card number disclosed to anyone?

A. No. ParishPay does not disclose any information to anyone except as required by law.

Q. How safe are internet transactions with ParishPay?
A. As safe as transactions at the highest security bank sites. ParishPay uses the most sophisticated security and encryption techniques permitted by the federal government.

Q. Can I get a record of my donations for my Income Tax purposes?

A. Yes. Records of donations are available to parishioners via e-mail or thru the parish.

Q. How do I enroll in ParishPay?

A. There are two ways to enroll:

1.) Online. Simply go to www.ParishPay.com, locate Saint Bartholomew the Apostle Church and complete the enrollment form.

2.) Envelope. ParishPay envelopes are available at the parish office and in the back of the church on the tables. Simply fill out the information and mail to ParishPay or drop off in the parish office.

Q. How can I discontinue or terminate the automatic donation?

A. Simple! Go to the ParishPay web site at www.ParishPay.com and hit the terminate the service button, Or: Contact the parish office or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying that you wish to terminate the service.

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