List of DVD Titles in our Library

The NEST Movie Series

New Testament

John the Baptist

King is Born

Ministry of Paul

Prodigal Son

Good Samaritan

Miracles of Jesus

Saul or Tarsus

He is Risen

Righteous Judge

Forgive us our debts

Old Testament

Davis and Goliath


Joseph's Reunion

Abraham and Isaac

Joseph in Egypt








Kingdom of Heaven

Treasures in Heaven

Each of these DVDs has workbook guide with activities

Advent and Christmas

The Nativity Story

Jacob’s Gift

Nicholas: The Boy who became Santa

Advent Calendar on DVD

Go Look in the Manger/ The Candy Maker’s Christmas

Martin and the Heavenly Tree

The Fourth Wiseman

Mystery of the Three Kings

The Prince of Peace

The Legend of the Candy Cane

Three Christmas Classics: Christmas Is/The City that Forgot about Christmas/The Stable Boy’s Christmas

Easter Titles

The Legend of the Three Trees

How Can I Celebrate Passover?

Three Easter Classics: Easter Is/The Magic Boy’s Easter/The Puzzle Club Adventure

Easter Promise and the Witness

Saint Titles

Saint Francis of Assisi



Women who Inspire: Katherine Drexel/Mother Teresa

Pope John Paul II (Jon Voight)

John Paul II: Be not Afraid

St. Therese of Lisieux

St. John Vianney

Saint Faustina

St. Catherine Siena

St. Benedict

St. Margaret Mary

Bernadette: The Princess of Lourdes

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

Mother Teresa: Seeing the Face of Jesus

Inspiring Video

Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe

The Bible:  The Epic Miniseries

The Day the Sun Danced: Story of Fatima

My Secret Friend: A Guardian Angel Story

Peace One Day

Of Gods and Men



Old Testament Titles:


Bible Stories: Genesis/Noah’s Ark/David and Goliath/Jonah and the Whale


The Ten Commandments: (Story of Moses and Passover)

Dual Set: Joseph King of Dreams & The Prince of Egypt

The Not So Golden Calf: Commandments 1 & 2

The Rest is Yet to Come: Commandments 3 & 4

A Life and Seth Situation: Commandments 5 & 6

Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts: Commandments 7 & 8

Toying with the Truth: Commandments 9 & 10


Close Encounter DVD Series

Mary and the Rosary




Other Teaching Titles


Initiation Sacraments for Young People

I was there the Holy Mass

The Mass for Children and Young People

Catholic Basics for Kids

Commandments for Young People

The 10 Commandments (for young children)

The Parables of Jesus: Talents, The Rich Man & Lazarus

 The Euchariat for Little Children

A Child's First Communion with Fr. Joe Kempf

Eucharist:  Stories of Celebration by Our Sunday Visitor with Fr. Joe Kempf

New DVD titles just in:

Bible Collection:  Jeremiah

Jesus for Kids

Jesus of Nazareth

Nativity Story

St. Peter

Joseph of Nazareth

Star of Bethlehem

Prince of Peace

Eucharist for Little Children

Rosary for Little Children

Prayers for Little Children

Brother Francis:  Forgiven

Brother Francis:  Rosary

Molokai:  The Story of Father Damien

Jacob's Ladder

Jesus: He liven among us

Story of Jacob and Joseph

Story of David

In the Steps of Moses


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